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I have enjoyed several novels by William Shakespeare. They are intense full of quotliteraturequot, but often very funny...which is how I like it.... However, at times the author has made me laugh the most in my life, just so truthful, straightforward and sardonically intelligent, that he cracked me up, and still does William Shakespeare might be one of the greatest writers in Western literature, but you sure as hell wouldn39t want him to roast you at your bachelor party. Even by the low standards of the 16th century- when, keep in mind, poking bears with sticks was considered the pinnacle of hilarity-, the Bard39s fumbling attempts at humor were cringe-worthy. Here39s a gem from Hamlet Hamlet Whose grave39s this, sirrah First Clown Mine, sir. Hamlet I think it be thine, indeed for thou liest in39t. See, because you lie in a grave, but also-wait for it-the clown is lying. That sound you just heard was your sides splitting. Still, just because poor will never got the hang of a punchline doesn39t mean you should lump all literature together as joyless slogs. It is one such example of the funnier classics that39ll get a chuckle out of anyone. 1 such structure is Worth all Moolah P.S.Because it39s always good to laugh...

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    • @shivani: you definitely have tickled the funny bone with this blog. And even demonstrated the quote that says, "Man is the most extraordinary computer of all".. :) Youth4work takes this opportunity to pay homage to the great SHAKESPEARE for bringing on the most extraordinary literature to this world.

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