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Y4W is very helpful to the youths like me. It's really helpful in making a student a professional before joining any of the job. The best part of it is it provides a chance to all the students after HSC of any related field. It's a reliable option for first earning option. One can learn about the job before actually joining it. Even it also provides with some amount depending upon our work. I really loved this Youth4work page. Because at the current situation I need my own expense for expenditure urgently and over this time I have only one option in front of ne and that is Y4W. I am really thank ful to u for creating such a platform. This can help many students to cope up with their financial crisis. This kind of internship makes our base a clear and strong i.e. required for our future. I hope I will get all that...for what I was in search for. I will suggest all the needy and intelligent fellows around me to try on for Y4W. Once again thank you soo much for this practice you are providing to youth like me.

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