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Infinite Equation of god
A man who trusted god. A man who had confidence in the enchantment of god. A man who had faith in arithmetic. A man who believed that, magic only happens only when you imply logic. A man who is invented by God, who struggled to publish his work.

I’m talking about ‘S. Ramanujan’.

Today I saw the movie about him, ‘The man who knew infinity’, I cried in last 30 min of this movie. Why I cried? I don’t know. Maybe, This is the principal motivation behind why I'm composing this. Possible I will find the reason of my cry.

Mr. Ramanujan was Indian (by born), but he struggled for publishing his tremendous work. He was seeking for the job, he had the family to survive with. He had no degrees but his mathematical research was going to ring a bell in the world soon. He was unaware of it.

In the meantime, he found a job, he was working as well as feeding his family. There was always one thing in his mind, mathematics. It is all about math, that he found in each and everything. But the Indians never show respect towards Ramanujan's intelligence. Who knows, maybe at that time all this was just dogma?

Indian individuals have dependably been affected by the eastern culture, yet maybe it is the ideal opportunity for individuals to feel that no Indian could do such a noteworthy work. Most likely, at that point Indians committed an error in assessing Ramanujan. Despite the fact that the Britishers ruled on us, one thing I respect about them is that those individuals never delay to value your value.

Our people have been boasting that 0 has been discovered in India, but everything that we are using right now discovered abroad. Yes, this time is not the same time, just like it was before. When Ramanujan goes to Trinity College, he gets stunned after watching college. The grandeur of college, it's building, the majestic history, saw everything there.

Coherent training in India was restricted in the before times. There was a considerable measure of authoritative opinion in prior circumstances in Europe, however because of the colossal researchers and his thinking contentions, Europe was surrendered by creed. Be that as it may, here we have 33 crore goddess divine beings in India, and their aficionados. Individuals on the planet were exceptionally positive about God. Had faith in Magic. Be that as it may, at whatever point a man lauded the new law of nature which was not found yet, it declined their condition.

When they Trinity set off for college, not every person was their ally, but his mind was running quick. Considerably quicker then Abacus. At the point when an professor gave him hypotheses to solve, he solved it effortlessly. By watching it a few people got baffled.

Ramanujan went there to publish the theorems that he discovered. They have to provide evidence before publishing them, which was missing. He had to work very hard for that.

This is the passage where I want to talk about something, the Britishers took Indian books with them. Should we feel sorry about this matter? I believe it was good that they took it with them. Those people keep valuable thing very safe and maintain its value. They are very good caretaker than us. Maybe even if we fought about it and if we got success to save those books, then also we could not maintain its value. At least they are safe their and people in the world can know about rich Indian history. Well, this was a little talk about my thought, do not take this seriously my patriot friends.

Come again on Ramanujan, Ramanujan solved many theories, according to him, An equation has no meaning, unless it represents a thought of God. All these equations were present since nature created. We just have to reveal it. And that happens, sometimes being done by nature.

Ramanujan became a fellow of the Royal Society; he made India proud with his excellence. Ramanujan's work was so strong and noble that how to give respect to him was the question for the royal society. How they decide to give respect, For this I want to share dialogue from the movie itself:

"There are many ways to be honored in life, for us, being elected as a fellow is certainly one, but in my humble opinion to leave a legacy here at wren after we're gone is the greatest."

But did I get my answer, why I cried?


In the end, I finally do not understand one thing is that Ramanujan was Indian, but why did Hollywood make this movie? Did Bollywood's artists and directors not know about this? Whatever is there, everything has not to be told.

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