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Internet of thing is widely used term as progression in innovation. It is a system of physical devices embedded with electronic devices, sensors, and software which empower these devices to exchange data through the internet. Moreover, to monitor environmental conditions on the real-time basis we utilize GPS framework but it expends more energy. Here, the issue is to get real-time data by utilizing low energy in a deployed network. In this research paper, we have concentrated to improve GPS independent localization algorithm for real-time tree monitoring. This algorithm comprises of two sub-algorithms which are RSSI and trilateration. For monitoring trees in real time then localization plays a key role in the system. Localization utilizes routing of data and routing also consumes more energy. Therefore, we require energy efficient routing protocol and system which stays last long. For energy efficient routing we are utilizing RPL routing protocol which is developed specially for low power and lossy networks. Simulation of the whole system is carried out in Contiki-OS with the help of built-in COOJA simulator.
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