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MY WORK SARKAARhellip.apke bina yeh MUMBAI hai BEKAAR. ROBrsquoert Vadra. CONGRESS is like CONrsquogrease. There is no JAAN in JAB TAK HAI JAAN. So pity, YASH CHOPRA ji is no more with JAAN to watch his movie JAB TAK HAI JAAN. Suhana hai yeh MAUSAM, bath with CINTHOLhellip..itrsquos AWESOME. 1. Atal Bihari Vajpaye 2. Manmohan Singh -Pehle waley muh se POETRY nikalthi hai aur dusre wale muh se PUPPETRY nikalthi hai.. If once I DECIDE, then everybody should move ASIDE. If YOU beat, it will be a NUISANCE, and if I beat, it will be NEWS. I hav FUN with PUN. lon39DONE with olympics. OGLE at GOOGLE, U get everything You never get GOOGLY when you search with GOOGLEee.. If PRO is opposite of CON, then opposite of PROGRESS..is CONGRESS. Kudos...ga39GUN target at medal was fulfilled Olympics. Pranab will be the next presirsquoDENT of our country. JAIrsquoL JAGAN.. FACE39book is d index of mind Revenge of Agonyrsquopath by Vijay Dinanath Chauhan is superb B0MBAYMUMBAIBOMB39BHAIs My quotGUZAARISHquot of watching it is fulfilled n was worth it ISHQ movie people will fall in ldquoISHQrdquo with the movie. There was No.one when is went to watch Ra.one.. ZNMD - is tarah ka movie nahi ayegi dobara.. Virender Sehrsquowahrsquog DC-Deccan Chargersmdashif won- Deadly Charged and if lost- Dhakkan Chargers. ldquoIss duniya mein do tarah ke log hote hain. Achchha aur bura nahin, sirf samajhdaar aur RGV ki tarahrdquo,,,experiMENTAL camera work resulted in departMENTAL movie by RGV. Dhoni gave unhoni end to the match. Now itrsquos everywhere SALrsquoMANIA in Bollywood. BAT-MAN, SPIDER-MAN, IRON-MAN and SUPER-MAN are just characters, but real HERO is SAL-MAN.

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