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Technical Analysis, Doing Hobby Projects, Event Management
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Curriculum Vitage
1) Zonal level winners and national level finalist of DRDO
robotics and alarm system exposition 2018 conducted by

2) Awarded as the best emerging project in projection'18.
3) Bagged first position in the event technovation of exhibit.
4) Secured second position Ascent of circuits during phoenix.
5) Participated and won many events in tech fests organised by
colleges all over the country such as IIT Guwahati IIT
Kharagpur NIIT Rourkela.
6) Completed online courses throug Coursera.
i) Fundaments of Management.
ii)Control of nonlinear spacecraft attitude motion and.
iii)Machine Learning.
7) Organised phoenix 2017 as Assistant Technical Head.
8) Organised phoenix 2018 as Technical Head.

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