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Project name Analysis of composite beams for spring behavior using finite element analysis. Description The project presents a novel approach of material behavior in load carrying capacity. Generally metals having isotropic structure has spring in character with equi axis loads which gives lesser stability with higher loads. But certain composites have different characters with inclined loads. They spring out under inclined load. This behavior helps in high loading capacity with more stability. Our work was to analyze and prove the same behavior with Finite element analysis. Also modal and buckling analysis was carried out to check the strength of composite in aero applications especially in helicopter landing gears. Conclusion Natural materials were showing inward displacement and composites were showing outward displacement during inclined loading. This behavior can be attributed to the layered and oriented nature of composites. The results also showed higher natural frequency and higher buckling strength for composite compared to the other materials which is very important in aero structure which are subjected higher operational surrounding frequencies.

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