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Which Platform to choose! (Android (google) vs Apple  vs Windows
There was a time when people only considered what phone to buy and that entirely depended on which OEM built the device, whether it was Nokia,Samsung etc... But today people are not only considering the company brand but also the Operating system running on the device.Now a days the only issue is which OS to choose whether to go with Apple or Android or Windowsphone and yes then comes the blackberry,bada, symbian etc... Apple although lost its innovation in-terms of bringing new features into their OS ,the reason still they have such a good market share is the stability and security provided to the user39s data and the OS itself.User doesn39t get to do much in-terms of customization but atleast they have stable OS and huge amount of productivity applicatons. The quality of apps is also taken care by Apple which is one of the reasons for people tending to choose the platform. Android is an open source project started by google and after the release jellybean 4.1.2 , now android is not only a customizable OS but a very stable one with great features. The only problem with android is due to lot of OEM39s have there share , enormous amount of devices are getting released and providing updates by the device manufacturers are slow which helps them to sell more devices with latest softwares. Overall with better modifications and updates Android has finally become more stable than ever before Windowsphone 8 is the successor of WP7 and WP7.5, After IOS windows is one of the stable operating systems in terms of stability and performance. Gradually developers are tending towards the platform and very soon we will get to see familiar and applications from other platforms. But the API support provided by Microsoft to the developers are not perfect and due to which we are not getting to see robust applications with better features compared to Android and IOS. Eventually it depends upon the user to choose the platform based on the interests and requirements.Competition between these platforms is the key to get better features for the customers by the OEM39s.

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