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Gnosis is a prediction market platform that can serve as the foundation for machine information driven economies. It uses innovative aggregation algorithms to collect real-time data from various legitimate sources and offers users with information markets that are open, equitable, and transparent.
Gnosis is aiming to create an open prediction market platform that makes use of a single liquiditypool2.
The platform makes use of three primary components, namely the core layer, service layer and app layer.

CORE Layer:
• The Gnosis Core module provides the foundational smart contracts which are used for the governance of market outcomes and settlements.
• This layer is free for everyone to use, and the only fee that is incurred is during the outcome token creation phase.

• The Service layer has been designed to offer customers with additional services that compliment the ones being delivered by Gnosis Core.
• These services include advanced functionality tools such as chatbots, stable coins etc.
• They can be used to build customized consumer apps and can also help users in interacting with the Core layer more effectively.

• The Gnosis application layer consists entirely of smart apps that will be used to govern particular prediction markets.
• apps may be built by Gnosis developers or by other third-party users.
• In all probability, these applications will use a fee model that can help the devs earn some side revenue.

Gnosis Prediction Interface:
This is the core management interface that allows customers to participate in various trade markets. Additionally, it features a highly intuitive UI that provides users with vital information regarding:
• Deposited and withdrawn funds
• ERC20 token balance
• Predicted profits from investments

Interface also comes with a dedicated markets page that has been designed to provide the user with a good overview of:

• Current prediction markets
• Markets resolving soon
• Recently-created markets

Gnosis Safe:
This multisig3 wallet will allow users to safely store their Ethereum as well as other ERC20-compliant tokens.
In terms of its features, Gnosis Safe can be fully integrated with web3 wallets such as Metamask4 and will support offline signing. Upon its release, Gnosis Safe will be made available for smartphones as well as desktops.

(iii) Dutch Exchange: Gnosis Dutch Exchange is an all-new decentralized exchange platform that will facilitate ERC20 token trading via a Dutch auction.

Two primary modes in which this exchange will function:
? Pre-Auction state: this is when sellers can deposit their tokens in order to participate in a particular auction.

? Active State: this is when buyers can actively participate in a prediction market.

2) Pool.html
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