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An excerpt from my story "Threads of Destiny"
She stared at the vast blue sky, illuminated by the morning sun and let out an exasperated sigh. The morning breeze gently caressed her auburn locks and chauffered away the dried leaves falling from the trees, which already seemed to have been rejuvenated by the spring. A shade of lively green painted the valley and the nearby areas.Her cerulean orbs lit up as they caught sight of two familiar figures walking towards her. A warm smile graced her lips as she waved to them.Kenichi Yuno she exclaimed and jogged towards them.I see youre here to do your morning ritual eh the boy named Kenichi inquired cordially.Mm-hmm she nodded and threw a glance at the bunch of white lilies, shed placed on the coffin. The coffin of her best friend. Her smile faltered, as the past memories gradually started settling into her mind. An assuring hand yanked her out of those agonising thoughts.Its okay girl Now dont just sulk here were gonna miss our classes the boisterous blond named Yuno exclaimed.Shes right, were already running late. Kenichi stated.Mio looked at them and smiled. She knew she could count on them for anything. Theyd always be there for her no matter what. In good times or bad. She knew she could rely on them. But the past had taught her never to rely on anyone accept herself. Nothing is permanent. That hideous incident had changed her life. But it had also made her strong. And taught her that even the smallest things in life are precious and should be cherished.Ah..What do you say Lets race to school The last one to get there pays for tonights dinner she yelled enthusiastically before running away, giggling.Wait for us Mio Yuno exclaimed and followed her while dragging a clueless Kenichi along.................................................He took off his shoes and tossed themaway and gazed at his reflection in the mirror, a tall, athletic young man stared back at him. His charcoal black hair, short and spiked, just touching his neck, complemented his pale complexion completely. His grey orbs were lifeless and dull. He let out a small sigh and plopped down on his King sized bed, clearly exhausted. He stared at his guitar wearily and smiled. Its been ages since he last played it. He picked it up gingerly,and was about to play it, when a soft knock gained his attention.Come in he muttered wearily.A flustered maid walked in and handed a set of clothes to him.Whats this he inquired and arched an eyebrow at it.Master wants your presence by 10 oclock in his room. She stated, trying really hard not to sttuter infront of the handsome young man before her.Hm. Ill be there. he replied bluntly and gestured her to leave, which the young girl had to unwillingly follow.Takeshi furrowed his eyebrows and set down his guitar on the bed.What does the old man want now Wasnt giving up my music enough he grumbled and clutched the bedsheets firmly, completely infuriated.

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