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ITS NOT WHAT YOU LOOK AT BUT WHAT YOU SEE The cultured india Since many months, several questions are pondering over my mind. In this illusionary society as ours, where a man worships goddessrdquo durgardquo in the morning the irony remains that it is this same man who never misses an opportunity to eve-tease a passing lady. On one hand, women are supposed to cover their faces with their rdquo pallosrdquo so as to maintain the dignity of the household and again it is this same household ,which sells her after motive is fulfilled. Yes ,itrsquos the real India Despite of the fact that millions of women are joining the workforce every year and the continuous bragging of the women upliftment by the government, the truth remains that the real change is yet to come. Every year frameworks are set, plans are made, and even the budget is allocated. But the only change that is evident is the increment in the number of rapes, more and more cases of female foeticide, physical and mental harassment on women and not to forget the discouraging attitude of our own society. And this does not only include males but even, a large proportion of the women. When a newly wedded bride is expecting is expecting her first child, the first person to demand a baby boy is none other the mother-in ndashlaw., and mind it she is a womanhellip.this is then gradually nurtured into a practice e and then starts the vicious circle of superstitions, beliefs that condemn against the basic morals of the 49 percent of our countrynot to forgot, the power of 49. The core of this malice is that we never realize that we ourselves are inculcating a society where woman are considered therdquo Honour of the houserdquo and males counterparts are taught to berdquo masculinisticrdquo . Rakhi,a traditional event where a sister is supposed to be protected by her brother as if she just can not take care of herself and always need a protection and a guard around her.this very festival ignites a sense of dominance in the male version of the household. ldquokarwachauth ldquoanother tradition where a wife is supposed to keep fast for the longer life of their husband whereas the vice versa never happens. rdquoPatirdquo, signifiesrdquo ownerrdquo in literal meaning. How can one expect equal status in an intimate relationship of two souls when one of them has already beenrdquo entitled to powerrdquo ldquoA man has a name of his own, but the womanrsquos identity is entirely dependant on either her father or her husband.rdquo However, no one dares to question these never ending traditions since it is our moral values so deeply manifested inside us, that we never bother to give it a thought. This is the most peculiar part. These ideas and notions have gradually sharpened themselves to a form of passive acceptance by all. The ldquoNirbhaya case ldquourged to the conscience of every common man, attracted media attention, people marched and protested at janpath. But the irony remains that even during the nirbhaya march, ourrdquo well trained Indian boys ldquodid not bothered themselves to stop their never ending male sobbynism. We had comments from many eminent persons mocking about the incident. Some said that it was the girls dress that provoked the rapists, others said that the timings was not appropriate for a girl to be outside her house and some others even went on to the extent that the girl should have actually begged the rapist to let her go. Amazing traditionsHats off to our culture I wonder in rural areas like Bihar where woman do not even let their faces to be uncovered what then could be probably the reason of the rapes there ,if itrsquos the clothes that provokes our young guys. Or even for that matter, how could a girl commit a sin to live her life with freedom and forget that in the nights there are beasts roaming around on the roads as if we have completely no cases of rapes by fathers or brothers. Undoubtedly, itrsquos the girls fault Itrsquos already too late to realize what are heading towards. Manipulation and modifications of the cultural notions are taking place. Evil ideas are amalgated with wrong justifications to present a clean mirror image of our society. Nobody can change it except us. It just takes a little effort from each one of us, to achieve atleast a fearless society for women where they can live with dignity and peace of mind.

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