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why to get educated? Is it really necessary?
Education is just as important as food, shelter and cloth for human survival. So now the sequence become Food, shelter, cloth and education. Can you imagine a world of all uneducated people, no we can’t but millions of year ago it use to exist. Education was not our importance it was our necessity, we didn’t get educated in 25 years like we usually get these day it took millions of year to reach here and now we are in a stage when we can transfer our whole knowledge into a kid in just 20 to 25 years, cause he have to live in this world and he cannot live without education. Education is the most important thing to do for betterment of entire society, country and mankind and by education i mean at least elementary level proper education till high school. Superstitious because he is educated enough to understand why and why not a thing is happening. A child who is educated enough to have learnt the difference between right and wrong, have enough knowledge and is sufficiently wise will not become, a terrorist in-spite of he being a Muslim because he can read what Quran has to say and not believe in false statements which their leaders tell them to blindly believe upon. A beggar because in-spite of his poverty he knows different ways in which he can earn and live a happy, successful and contented life. Social crimes like Female infanticides and sex selective abortions, domestic violence, theft, dowry, alcohol abuse and many more will get exponentially decreased when every child starts getting educated properly from the very beginning itself. Education is the one and only way every problem in our society can be educated. Let’s all take a pledge that we would promote education wherever we be and whatever we are doing.
Thank you for asking my views on education, and at last I would end by saying
“Better education can lead humans to a better tomorrow”

By a jobless Civil Engineer ~RSR

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