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Five tips for new fitness enthusiasts
Many people have taken up resolutions to stay fit but don't know how to start. This article will help them to start their fitness journey.Health and Fitness
Every one of us has taken up some resolution on this new year and we are trying to meet the ends too. Now the majority of us has taken up the resolution for fitness and yes, it should be!
Fitness doesn't come easy. It takes hard efforts to become the man we see in the mirror. Most of us might face issues while initiating and are trying hard for it. Anyway, doing something is better than doing nothing and that brings you ahead of half of the competition. Now the question is how to complete the remaining journey and get the desired results. Here, we are sharing top 5 tips for new fitness enthusiasts.

Early to bed and Early to rise: Yes, this quotation might seem old, but this is the ultimate starter of anybody's target towards the fitness journey. We have a biological clock functioning in our body that operates with the timings of sunlight and it functions at its best accordingly. Also, the motivation during morning time is highest in the day. The creativity of the person increases and so is the desire to get the work done. So, sleep with calm and relax the mind and get up even fresher.
Eat healthily: There is no point in doing heavy workout and diluting it with just a single unhealthy diet. If you want to have that flat belly, then you have to calm down your tongue. Remember one thing - Fitness is made in the kitchen. Take a balanced diet which comprises all the necessary nutrients for your daily needs like Carbohydrates, Proteins and excess fat-free dishes. Go with the green i.e. Leafy veggies, Salads, Fruits, Whole grain bread to counter your hunger. It's all that 70-30 Rule, 70% diet and 30% exercise. That's all it takes to get the work done.
Eat Smart: Taking multiple small healthy diets will be much more effective than taking a whole heavy diet. Multiple diets boost your body functioning by aiding to your metabolism and keeping you light at the same time. Also, you may take help of some extra fitness foods to stop feeling hungry like an apple or a cup of green tea for keeping you afresh.
Make yourself sweat: Exercising daily must be in your routine and you must be regular at it. Exercising is a vital part of your fitness journey and it can't be neglected. You can start by an early morning walk of half an hour or a mild run of 2 miles if you feel comfortable. This will boost your fitness as well as motivation to continue your journey. Slowly after a few days, increase pace and duration of running to advance it to next level and you'll be amazed to see the results as those extra kilos hanging around your belly will get decreasing.
Give adequate rest to your body: This is like refuelling the body for the next day. If the body will not get satisfactory rest, then the muscles will not be relaxed and contract muscles do not function well for long so take rest and a little bit of stretching after waking up helps you to get in the form and aura of fitness.
Just follow this regime smartly and you'll see results start showing in a fortnight.

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