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C Plus Plus, Data Entry, Advance Java
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Myself shubham sharma. Currently living in Vaishali. I am B.Tech Graduate. i did my schooling from Kendriya Vidhyalya situated in Hindan, Ghaziabad. I did graduation from lSwami Parmanad college of Engineering siitauated in Punjab, affiliated to Punjab Technical UNiversity. My hobbies are drawing and Internet Surfing. In Spare time I like to do coding and roaming with friends. My positive traits are curious to learn new things and Positive attitude and never lose self confidence.My negative traits are trust people shortly and emotional quotient is less. I passed out in 2012. I did certificate course in Core/Advance java. I have been seeking job for javaprofile since last year. But I could not get it. THe reason behind that I was not able to qualify the aptitude test. I am tired of being rejected by such companies. I switched my profile java to data entry. I have 6 months experience in Desktop Publishing field.Now I m seeking job for Data entry.I want to be self dependent. I want to earn money. Talking about my childhood. I was very naughty. Now I have grown up. I am learning.

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