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Brainy Stars International School
Brainy Stars International Holistic Montessori (School) was started in Bangalore, India, in Association with Adni International School, Malaysia in the year 2013. During the first year we had the tag of “Islamic Montessori”. In 2014, we removed the tag “Islamic Montessori” and started three more new branches as Brainy Stars International Holistic Montessori in (JP Nagar, RT Nagar, HBR Layout). Now, all our schools are International Montessori’s open for children of all faiths. These are mainstream Pre-Schools with Holistic approach of education, following the norms of our country’s education system. The response has been very good in all the branches. Parents appreciated the concept, teaching methods, teaching material, teachers and the management. There was demand from the parents that the school shall continue the teaching of universal values. So with rigorous research we launched a model school in Bangalore Electronic City.

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