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INTERIM BUDGET 2014 Finance Minister P.Chidambaram presented the Union Interim Budget at 11 am today. De clining Fiscal Deficit, moderation of Current Account Deficit, stable exchange rate and increase in project implementation is attributed to sheer hard work. Fiscal Deficit for 2014-15 at 4.6 of GDP Target Fiscal Deficit for 2015-16 at 4.1 of GDP Current Account Deficit at 45 billion for 2014-15 Agriculture Credit to cross 45 billion in 2014-15. A real boost for agricultural sector considering it was 41 billion in 2013-14 There was no change proposed in Direct Taxes Excise Duty was reduced for Capital Goods, Small Cars, Motorcycles,SUVs and Mobile Handsets. Small Cars, Motorcycles, Mobile Phones are getting cheaper this year Reduction in Excise Duty Capital Goods from 12 to 10 Small Cars, Motorcycles from 12 to 8 SUV s from 30 to 24 Large Cars reduced to 20 Consumer Durables reduced from 12 to 10 Mobile handset reduced to 6 with CENVAT and 1 without CENVAT Service Tax on loading, unloading and warehousing of rice to be brought under Negative List DTC and GTC will be placed under public discussion in FY2014 and will seek to pass the both in 2014 Rs.2600 crores for Educational Loan moratorium for loans taken before March 31, 2009. This is likely to benefit student borrowers PSU banks to get capital infusion of Rs.11200 crores Capital Market borrowing Rs.5.63 lakhs crores Three more industrial corridors to get under way Will set up Public Debt Management Agency 2015-16 Urban Housing Fund allocation pegged at Rs.2000 crores Strengthen Commodity and Derivatives market by amending FMC Act Liberalize Rupee-denominated Bond Market Fuel subsity to touch Rs.65000 cr. 2014-15 it is expected to be Rs.35000 cr. Fertilizer subsidy target for 2015-16 at Rs76000cr. 2015-16 non-plan expenditure targeted at Rs.12.07 cr. Plan expenditure at Rs.5.55lakh crore. 2015-16 food subsidy at Rs.1.15 lakhs Coal output reached last year at 554 million tonnes Merchandise export growth target at 6.8 Support to Railways for 2015-16 increased to Rs.29000 cr. Panchayathi Raj to get Rs.7000 cr. Aadhar is a real achiever which critics might accept later. 54 lakhs transactions completed under Direct Benefit Transfer. North-Eastern India to get Rs.1200 cr as additional funds Rs.100 cr for community radio stations Target to install 10000 MW additional power in 12 th Plan 15 billion added to Forex Reserves this fiscal

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