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What is the course all about?

Medical technology or what is referred to as medical laboratory technology is a medical science course that deals with laboratory tests and analysis in a bid to finding the root cause to a problem and proffering corrective measures likewise. It all encompasses of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through clinical tests done in the laboratory. In medical laboratory process, samples of fluids such as blood are collected under hygienic conditions using clinical equipment’s like syringe and needles. Medical technology is the root to finding solutions for every medical problem. You need a clinical test to confirm every disease case.

Course is ideal for which kind of students

The study of medical technology is for those who are very attentive to details and are not uncomfortable with fluids such as blood and related experiences. This is required since as a professional in the practice, you’ll be involved in sample procedures from collection, storing, testing, analysis and documentation of reports which must be precise. If you have got all that in stock, then your 10+2 qualification or what is known as post-secondary school certificate in some regions is required for you to complete your admission process and gain entrance into one of the Top BSc medical technology college in Bangalore or other cities in India. You can search top rated colleges in all cities of India, either in the south or the North.

Career opportunity after course

Working as a medical technology professional has a wide range of career areas you can specialize in and be employed in similar fields. In India, there is demand on the high for medical laboratory technologist or technicians. The scope is just enough to accommodate many specialization and numerous applications and it will continue to soar from 2017 and beyond. Both the private industries and government owned ones have room enough to absorb prospective graduates from the top BSc medical technology college in Bangalore and other cities in India. You can be employed as an MRI technician, X-ray technician, and work in blood banks, pathology laboratories and nursing homes. Opportunity as a self-employed is one avenue you can take advantage of for more income generation in medical technology.

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced

The salary scale for medical technologists and technicians varies according to qualification and experience. You also get different pay packages on the nature of work and also per company scale in India. The average earning for a fresher in clinics and hospitals in India. Best colleges in India if you are just graduating from the medical Technology Colleges in Bangalore and other cities, is around Rs 120,000 to 200,000 per annum. As an experienced medical technologist who is about moving from a company to another, you can have your salary negotiated to a favorable package above the Rs 500,000 mark.

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course

Many top companies in India are recruiting qualified professionals in the field for placements into various departments. Some of the top companies in India like Bioplannet India Pvt Ltd offer the most jobs for various positions in the industry. Government hospitals and clinics, and laboratories are other places you can get appointments into.

Here are top 10 lists hiring:

1. Bioplannet India Pvt Ltd
2. Epi source
3. Paramount health services
4. Apollo Hospital
5. Indegene
6. Cactus global
7. Bhadrak District government of Odisha
8. Kandhamal District Government of Odisha
9. Columbia Asia
10. Deoghar District Government of Odisha

There are many other opportunities outside of India you can play your profession, like UAE and Qatar with job vacancies for Indians in a pool of positions for specialty areas. As a qualified medical technologist, you can offer to go into lecturing and teaching in colleges especially the top BSc medical technology college in Bangalore. Bangalore is a city you’ll want to study and have your career kick started at the same time being a hub of industrialized location for many companies including those of medical laboratory technology.

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