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MBA Travel & Tourism scope in India 2017-2025
What is the course all about?

Tourism and travels are interrelated to each other and are times used to mean the same thing. A study in tourism and travels deals in all spheres relating to travels and tourism. This can be in areas such as transport, sociology, finance, marketing and cultural aspects. The study on tourism will look at the subject in both national and at the international levels. It will examine how the course is a driver to the modern day economies of the world and how it can be explored to benefit the nation and its dwellers. An MBA in top MBA colleges in Bangalore will explore the basics of the course right to the top of it within the normal two years for which the duration lasts.

Course is ideal for which kind of students

Tourism and travels is an interesting study as it brings you in contact with a lot of people. You need mostly, a good communication skill to relate well with people you will be meeting for the first time. Likewise, if you are to stand any chance of enjoying a career in this field, you must be sociable and very friendly. You don’t want to wear a long face to meet people, would you? You must also be a history lover and be well familiar with your culture in terms of language, food and lifestyle- you must be fashion loving. You just think of anything art, culture and patriotism; you will find that all are embedded in travels and tourism. If you have all this and want more in-depth, then a study of travels and tourism in the MBA levels will be right for you if you already have your first degree in related fields.

Career opportunity after course

This field is no doubt massive with ample places to start a career in. There are lot of choices to make on your interest areas. You can work with airlines, in hotels, travel and tourism companies and in institutions. Best colleges in India all these will be at the administrative levels. You can be a lobby manager, sales manager, ticketing assistance, operations executives, trainee consultant and visa executives to mention but a few among the numerous specialty areas for an MBA in travels and tourism industry.

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced

Working with the government ministry and in private organizations, have their own specific salary scale. This can also be influenced by the status of the company concerned if in the private ones and if you are a graduate of top MBA colleges in Bangalore, you will yet have better chance also of a good pay package. For a government employee, the scale for a fresher of MBA in tourism and travels are not bad at all. You should be expecting something in the median of Rs 216,000 per annum. If you have an experience level of up to nine years, that can shoot up to about Rs 400,000 for you as being experienced.

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course

For travels and tourism, the national directorate of culture and tourism readily comes to mind as career opportunity with the government. Either in the center or at the state level, you have the higher chance in getting a job since this is yet to be fully tapped industry.
Here is the full top 10 list hiring after the course:
1. American Express global business travels- Bangalore, Karnataka
2. Luxury honeymoons by ocean hugs
3. Travix leisure and Travels Pvt Ltd
4. Safe Med Trip assistance
5. Godrej Infotech Ltd
6. Huquo
7. Myhappyjourney
8. Hyatt Regency Chennai
9. Park Hyatt Chennai
10. Elsa an holidays and BCD travel India Pvt Ltd

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