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Robotics Engineering in India 2017-2025
What is the course all about?

Robotics is the field of engineering and as well a science that deals in the concepts of robots design, manufacture and operation. In the field of robotics, a lot of artificial intelligence comes to play and that calls for the use of the robotic law which guides the operation of robots. The field of robotics cuts across electronics, computer science and Mechanical Engineering including mechatronics.

Robots study and use as pioneered by Isaac Asimov, a science fiction author, is widely used today to do some tasks that often before now, had been the role of humans to carry out. The field of robotics is yet an interesting one as there are still a lot to explore.

Course is ideal for which kind of students

If you are smart, love to play around designs, creative and comfortable with programming and electronically inclined, you can go for a course on robotics as a first degree. Robotics is an interesting area of study that requires highly motivated and innovative persons to undertake. You will have to go through trying out many options on how things work out with a robot. So you must be such that can think outside the box to be successful in the disciple. With good grades in core subjects like mathematics, physics, and other physical and technical subjects, you can apply for your course of study in the field of robotics in any of the Top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore.

Career opportunity after course

The career areas for robotics are as the companies exist. It is a relative disciple that aligns to help to make other fields find work easier in practice. Since a robot can do anything regarding the program design, the career opportunity for you can extend to all of agriculture companies, the military, manufacturing industry, medical and pharmaceutical companies and other engineering fields to mention a few.

Salary scale in India for Robotics graduates

The salary scale for a robotic engineer just beginning his career in robotics stand at an average of about Rs 480,000 per annum for the fresh graduates while as an experience employee in a company for over ten years, you stand to earn Rs 3, 000,000 per annum. Other experience levels such as medium levels have competitive packages too with bonuses. For a median range employee in India as a robotic engineer, he should expect something in the rage of Rs 660, 000 and above.

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course

There are a wide range of companies offering varying opportunities. Just like top 10 engineering colleges in Bangalore, here are ten companies with hiring opportunities.

1. Recon Robotics, Inc.
This is the largest robotics company in the world having sales to more than thirty countries of the world. You can visit their website for latest on career openings. They make their supplies to the US and other military hardware needs.

2. Major Robotics
Major Robotics has made assistance in spine surgery through the use of robots. Orthopedic and neurosurgeon all over the world use their products.

3. Grid boats Technologies
This robotic company in India is artificial intelligence and machine vision focused. The company offers space, defense and nuclear robotics to their clients.

4. Lockheed Martins
This is a versatile company from the US. Its establishment has help in the defense headquarters in India. They have undergone a merger with Tata advanced systems to form Tata Lockheed Martin’s aero structures. They specialize in the manufacturing components of C-130J aircrafts.

5. Kuka
Germany has the world’s leading manufacturer of robotics in the Kuka Company. The India arm is located in Gurgaon

6. Fanuc India
This is a company from japan and currently a top manufacturer in the robotics industry. They supply 200,000 installations of robotics all over the world. They have their branch in Bangalore, Pine and Gurgaon in India.

7. ABB Robotics
They specialize in supply and manufacturing of robotic products. Its headquarters is in Bangalore with centers across India. The company has over 4000 qualified employees in its rank. Over 200,000 of its robots are installed across the world.

8. Yukawa India
The manufacture motion control products and are the largest in this area. They are into assembling, dispensing and material cutting.

9. Kawasaki Robotics

10. This group manufactures robots for various industrial operations including painting, handling and other automotive system mechanism.

11. System antics
They offer core technology in robotics such as robotic AC sensor motors and arms.

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