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 MBA Corporate Social Responsibility scope in India 2017-2025

What is the course all about?
Corporate social responsibility (CRS) is a new breed of study in the social courses. With the intervention of the Indian government making it as a matter of compulsion for companies to set aside 2% after tax profit for the purpose of social duties in their area of domain, the crave for higher studies in CRS has grown and will continually do so in years to come.
A course in social responsibility is a look at the way companies in particular impact positively in the community in which they operate by providing amenities, alleviating poverty and lifting the social growth of the community. An MBA study in social responsibility is post graduate study lasting two years with a first degree as criteria for admission.
Course is ideal for which kind of students
This course is no doubt for the one who feels the suffering and pains of people and loves to do something to make improvement. It is a course for you if you can interact with people to know what their problems are and how to tackle them with available provisions. If you are a fighter for humans and community development agent, then, this is a right choice of course for you. This course is ideal for those persons who can walk around people’s problems not minding if they have solved theirs. You must be the type that is selfless. And finally, if you have got your bachelor in the social sciences, preferable though, but not compulsorily so, you can press on for admission into Top MBA colleges in Bangalore or other cities in India for an MBA.
Career opportunity after course
The 2% after tax compulsory investment by companies from government policy on corporate social responsibility is a big leap to creating and expanding careers in CSR. There is a career path you can chose from in various industries regardless of the sector it belongs since all companies are to implement the policy. With an MBA, you can seek employment as project manager, change manager, custom service manager and as a CSR manager with top companies in Engineering and construction companies, medical institutions and others are not left out either.

Salary scale in India for fresher and experienced
The salary scale for a corporate social responsibility worker would definitely vary in many respects according to the company under which employment is given. The private establishments of blue-chip companies would be a place everyone would love to seek for this pay package. For an entry level fresh MBA graduate, you can be started on a scale of about Rs.5 lakhs and for the experienced personnel of up to 5 years to 10 years can be paid Rs. 15 lakhs. This can go further up with higher level experience.

Top 10 Companies hiring after the course
We cannot limit the employment openings in corporate social responsibility to just a group of companies since all sectors have this responsibility to perform. We can hence stream down to a few of them in the various sectors of the economy with more on the top multinationals.
Just like top MBA colleges in Bangalore, here top 10 hiring companies for MBA degree:
Coca-Cola Pvt Ltd
Larson and Toubro Ltd,
Tata Power Company,
Bharat Petroleum Corporation,
ICICI bank,
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd,
Maruti Suzuki
The list cannot be exhausted. You will yet get many published on daily basis for vacant positions. These all offer lucrative opportunities for MBA holders.

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