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To fulfill the dream of travel, one has to work with immense determination, dedication and should have enough confidence to take risks and courage to deal with the consequences, if any.
To Walk down the streets, to ride above the hills, and to enjoy the drifts on hills you got to have a large heart and a heart devoted to travel.
To make the roads your domicile, hills your playground and the sky your patio you will have to dig new routes and discover places where no one has ever been before.
Travel requires patience and thus you will have to eat the breeze, Imbibe the rainwater, sleep like owls and get up with the chirping birds.
You do not have to move fast, just go slow.
Take everything easy but on the other hand you have to respect the hard because while traveling, the end for others will be your beginning and you have to find your own end.
You will have to sleep with eyes open because nature is a thaumaturgist because it exhibits magic quite often.

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