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When I start TV and wish to watch any movie, I have three options one- South Indian movies, Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies. I have knowingly placed South Indian Movies at first position, as it is matter of fact that the popularity of bollywood is decreasing continuously and the space created is being filled up by South Indian and Foriegn movies. It is quite understanding that the bollywood is doing very well and is not in situation to stand against the high dose of action and suspense thriller movies of international platforms.It is also known to us that the bollywood movies are no where in the race of Oscar. I will discus in this issue latter in detail but here I think that the policy of favouring and nepotism in film industry is the basic reason of this tragic situation, It is also came in the knowledge of us that the black money is used in this industry, to propogate some agenda or making money , which decrease the flow of ideas and innovation, and also discourage the good, honest and talented people.
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