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Why do we wait for crime to happen?
// She cries continuously while the people are taking her daughter to crematorium //

Not only the young lady but the female child, the young lady, the middle age women, the old women and the dead women were afraid as well because they were not sure if this country is really safe for them or not.

It’s not only about the #Kathua case or #Unnao case. It’s about the cases that go unheard, the cases that are not reported, the cases about women being raped by their own husbands and what not. It’s not only about the cases of rape but even about the cases of eve teasing, acid attacks and stalking.

People are again divided on basis of many things regarding the recent rape cases some people are like why are you only covering these two cases and why not about the Bihar and Assam. Some people are making it a political thing and our so honourable ministers are targeting each other, some are giving it another perspective by targeting the rohingya refugees. But are we really talking about justice?

It was year 2012 when we all were together and we somehow helped to get a verdict but what has changed till now? Let’s look at statistics:

-> In total 3,38,954 crimes against women were registered in country in year 2016.

-> There were 37,947 rape victims (the registered cases) in 2016 out of which 43% were girls below 18. This makes the per day cases as 106.

-> Every hour approx 5 rape cases are filed in Delhi, 4 in Haryana.

-> 70% of women living in India endure some form of domestic crime.

-> According to UNICEF and INDIAN GOVERNMENT, a child under 16 is raped in India every 155 minutes and a child under 10 in every 13 hours.

-> Further guess what marital rape is not a criminal offence within Indian legal framework.

And these are not the only crimes every girl now or then faces slut shamming, is stalked, eve teased and receive messages filled with shitty things. And we say we are developing. Now the question arises do we really care? And most probably as always the answer will be “NO”, if we really cared, things would have really changed. Crimes have increased a lot.

Further, we all know how songs in India objectify women and this really needs to change. On one hand the stars come down on street in protest for victims however they won’t change their objectification of women and the ill-treatment of females in the industry. Let’s bring out a change and work for a better and safer tomorrow.

It’s not about the justice for two rape victims, it’s about justice to womanhood, it’s about justice humanity, it’s about justice childhood.

Let’s ask for #justiceforall and strong changes in our judiciary system and we need to educate people how small things can affect the mind-set of children. If we all come together we can surely bring change.

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