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Bottleneck on consumer side in Digital business

As I read that establishment has smoothened the entire system and the bottlneck has become criteria how consumer will buy.This factor will be generalised below

1.Brand MarketIndia- with the population of 125 crore indians and largest middle class in the world which is the targeted segment.with their hardwork they are earningmoney have got more purchasing power.But they would like to do quality marketting they are not shy to buy but they will buy the goods that are qualitatively better.

2. Purchasing power of Customer India-previously they were need based expenditure so they would stick to family budget but now with money they can afford both necessary and a luxury they may go also to multiplexes and watch a movie.Fun element has entered into psyche of the market India.So,our middle class loves shopping,touring and enjoying life For this they are not shy to buy.

3.Willlingness to Purchase-this comes from how you present the goods to buyer.Advertising,digital marketing etc.Our middle class likes bargaining and availing slightest discount is good.MNC should b allowed a fair playing ground and no misinformation campaign should be promoted ie their and swadeshi product should be treated equally without should be like I buy ur items you buy my items.this understanding will promote mutual markets.

4.Act of Purchase-now if all goes well customer will buy or the availablity of items to customer matters .if all goods are avaialable at one place customer is likely to buy from Reliance Fresh else he will make e purchase as it saves money of going to shop.also the variety and quality

of item will lure customers towards e-purchase.

5.profit vs CustomerSatisfaction-The profit made grossly by companies on items after giving due share to distributors and likelihood of customer coming again will set up the platform.similarly quality of goods if satisfies customer are likely to be bought again.

6.Brand Loyality-sticking to brand involves setting up brands which involves carving out ur segment in the market as per purchasing power.this needs healthy competition from established brands.existence of a prior And still you impress customers.or launching an entirely new product.That is brand loyality.

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