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Cyprus, an island country in the Mediterranean Sea is a perfect blend of east and west. As legend goes, Cyprus is protected by Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love and beauty. This Mediterranean island is a confluence of three continents. Geographically situated in Asia, it is a member of the European Union. Sparkling blue waters, miles and miles of golden beaches, pine clad mountains, all make this picturesque island a perfect getaway for any wanderlust traveler. Whether a visitor is travelling for business or vacation, Cyprus has something to offer for everyone. Business class hotels with convention centers, communication facilities of international standards all make this island the best place for a product launch or corporate event. Cyprus is well connected to central Europe, Africa and the Middle East by major airlines. Cyprus, with its international golf courses is fast becoming a golfersrsquo paradise. The international golf courses are situated in the region of Paphos, are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Situated amidst landscaped hills, these golf courses have clubhouses, practice facilities as well as training sessions. Try your hand at open golf championships or just play amateur golf in these breathtaking golf courses. The Korenium Golf course is one of the famous golf course in Northern Cyprus with 18 golf holes. Or play golf at Minthis Hills Golf club amidst orchards and vineyards. Talking about Cyprus, and not being on a beach, that is simply impossible. Choose from the quiet backwaters of Western Cyprus or head off to lively resorts in the east. Rocky bays and turquoise waters of East coast are best suited for snorkeling and diving. Beaches on the west coast are full of secluded coves, which are perfect for honeymooners. Green beach is ideal for those who want to enjoy the quietness of nature. For those who love cafes and hotels, the Phinikoudes beach ndashthe blue flag is the best. It has a number of markets, cafes and hotels, where one can enjoy some of the famous Mediterranean cuisines. The Athenian Avenue in the Phinikoudes beach is well known for its palm trees, colorful flowers and beautiful scenery. Many tourists from across the globe visit the beach in June when a two week Larnaka Kataklysmos fair is held. Cyprus is the best place where a visitor is treated like a king. Cruise along the coastline of Cyprus in a private yacht or take a city ride in a limo, these are experiences which one can never forget. For those who want to combine their dream holiday with wellness, Cyprus has a number of health spas and fitness centers, with world class amenities. Saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, aromatherapy, aerobic studios with a well equipped staff await the visitor who wants to combine pleasure with business. A visit to Cyprus can never be full without taking a peek into the culture and religion of the island. Visit the Agia Napa monastery at The Ammochostos area of Cyprus to get a religious taste of Cyprus. Agios Lazaros museum and church are monuments which preserve a number of Byzantine icons and artifacts . Cyprus with its monuments, culture, history and picturesque surroundings is indeed a perfect getaway for all those wanderlust travelers.

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