Rajkot, , India
Oracle DBA, Typing, HTML
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What I am
What I am.. I am the latest say freshly graduated technocrat who cleared Bachelor of Computer Application from well recognized University from Rajkot, Gujarat. I am delighted to work on Internships, Projects that lead to my growth in all the manner i.e. Physically, Mentally and Financial. I am coming from a very normal family who had to think for each expense as my parents never show me how they sacrifice their wishes to fulfill my wishes I had never seen such a critic condition for my dreams. But now it's time for myself to get the job get the salaried person and fulfill those sacrifices they had done for me. I am a very kind hearted person who had a large soft corner inside the heart. I never deny anybody who wants to get help from me. This I got from my mother in Inheritance. I want to work and get the goals achieved. That's me all the way.

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