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Life is all about inspirations. Today, would like to pen down my brain waves about the person who is an inspiration for me. She can be best described as a girl who is always busy in impressing herself. Anyways, in the end, she will be judged by people. So, she believes in not living her life impressing others, but impressing herself. Talking about her, she comes from a city of temples adventures, Rishikesh. She has always been a Papas tough capable girl rather than being his princess. Coming from a joint family background, she had always been a sincere daughter and a notorious sister to her siblings. Having spent 16 years of her life in Rishikesh, she completed her secondary education staying with her family in a very cosy environment where she had been supported by one all for all her needs. The time came when she had an option either to sit back at home and complete her graduation from a local City college or move out of the City for better educational opportunities which was though, a path less chosen by the girls of the town but indeed, a pathway to chase her dreams. After all, dreaming was something which she had avidly pursued since childhood. Well at education, she completed her honours in Economics from MCM DAV College for Women in Chandigarh where she spent three most memorable years of her life. This was the time, when she actually became the life of a party from just a wallflower, knowing what she wants from her life, enjoying and making memories with her friends, dealing with maturity as this was the first time she had stepped out of from her comfort zone. Well, she did not stop there and was supported by her family to go ahead further for her masters. She decided not to appear for management entrance exams and again chose to take admission in a Management Gurukulam which helped her focus on becoming a better respected individual rather than concentrating on placements, which a least is on the mind of a student in her twenties. To sum it up, those two years were like roller coaster for her in Pune. She discovered her potential during her stay at SCMLD, Pune. She uncovered her talents, nurtured the genius in her, enhanced her capabilities and empowered herself to achieve what one could aspire to achieve in those two years. She was aware, that after going out from those four walls, there was a world waiting for her. The time was coming nearer, when the life was ready to welcome her to the corporate life with lots of expectations for the better of the society. Beginning of her corporate life had been very generous for her, as she got a chance to serve an Organisation which is on its mission to save millions of lives annually and responding to 30 million emergencies in India. She is proud to be an acknowledged employee of the Organisation to whom anyone can turn up for any kind of help. She is one of those enterprising girls who know how to encash on an opportunity. Spending seven years of her life away from her family, she has a turned up to be an asset to life than just a liability. Today is the time, when her Facebook timeline is filled with the pictures of her friends celebrating their marriage and honeymoon. Indeed, she enjoys joining them in their celebrations but for herself, she considers it to be a crucial time to do something big in life. She plans to worship her work and settle herself in a self-dependent state before saying I do to any guy. Being unique and creative is more than just a past time hobby for her, it is actually the biggest stress reliever for her as she considers it to be directing her energies towards producing something which is not an obligation but an experiment. For us, maybe she is one among those million girls, but someday, somewhere, she considers herself to be a star in making which was born to shine and make her parents proud. And the part of this world knows her as......Smriti Anand.

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