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WE BREED BIRDS AND ANIMALS AT GARBAGE DUMPS AND BLAME THEM FOR BIRD AIRCRAFT STRIKE HAZARD Slaughterhouses near Mumbai airport threat to flight ops MIAL to HC Bhavya Dore, Hindustan Times Mumbai, November 19, 2014 First Satheesan S M India39s Leading Airport BASHM / Aircarft Bird Strike Prevention Expert Consultant A private slaughtering place, with or without a roof, is not called a Slaughter House or Abattoir as it is given in the Hindustan Times, dated 19th November 2014. An abattoir does not attract birds as it is clean and provides no food to birds and animals where as a primitive slaughter house and illegal slaughtering places will supply ample food by way of slaughter wastes thrown at regular and irregular occasional dumps. In most of the Indian cities almost 70 of slaughter becomes illegal and disposal of slaughter waste is a big criminal issue as it attracts scavenging birds and animals hazardous to aircraft flight safety. This has been debated over the years since 1980 and no result is there regarding law enforcement how to keep 10 km in radius of Aerodrome Reference Point bird attraction free or sanitized of intense bird concentration and bird activity. At what altitudes aircraft are when they come to land at an airport mainly approach, final approach and when they depart mainly climb- all these fall within 10-13 km. That is why DGCA and ICAO have prescribed 10 km DGCA and 13 km ICAO for keeping that much buffer zone area in radius of ARP bird concentration and bird activity free by removing bird attractants and bird attracting land use patterns. Even though the rule is there enforcement is unheard of. Regulators and law-makers are not Ornithologists to think that bird strikes with vultures and kites can occur at higher altitudes and far away from airports. Kite has struck airplane 20 km away from Delhi airport. Hence a huge garbage dump 20-25 km away from airport can be the cause of a bird strike 20 km away from airport. So this mandatory bird sanitizing distance should be 20 km or even 25 km in countries where thermal-soaring scavenging raptors such as vultures and kites are the major problem birds hazardous to aircraft. That is the same reason why in Brazil the CAA has already made it mandatory to keep an area of 20 km in radius of ARP bird concentration and bird activity free. If Brazil can show the way, why not DGCA in India can follow them or make it better by raising the bar to 25 km A scientific study in this regard is possible, if the Government of India, MoCA and DGCA have a scientific approach and they like to take the help of scientists and Ornithologists for such work. It is not necessary that for such a work DGCA should ask only serving airport officers. India has a huge talent mine of retired experts and private experts who can help DGCA with such work. It is a pity that private experts are not part of problem-solving in Indian aviation Hope the new Government headed by Mr Narendra Modi will not fail to see the talent in private and senior retired experts for essential problem solving in aviation. The flyers and passengers are at the receiving end of the problem. Unless and otherwise an upheaval or awakening results, safety will be only a dream and people have to cope with the threat that is BASH. Ego is the culprit that does not allow the people at the helm of affairs to take outside help. That is why one has to leave ego like foot-ware outside before one enters the temple of aviation safety. When so many unimportant and less important matters suck the precious time f social media users, why not a really sensational and important matter cannot find a place on Facebook or Twitter Buffalo on runway triggers DGCA alarm on 18 airports Saurabh Sinha,TNN Nov 12, 2014, 01.14 AM IST- Excerpts from LinkedIn discussion

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