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Bird Collision with Aircraft at Mumbai Airport impacts aircraft delays and diversions
FLIGHTS DIVERTED AFTER BIRD COLLIDES WITH JET PLANE, Mumbai Mirror Bureau,, TWEETS MumbaiMirror, CITY A Mumbai-bound Jet Airways flight 9W 541 from Dubai suffered a bird hit while landing at GVK-CSI Airport, Mumbai on Tuesday evening, the 31st of March 2015. Five Mumbai-bound flights had to be diverted to Ahmedabad Airport Gujarat and four had to be given go-round, aborting approach, due to shut down of the runway for inspection and removal of bird carcass, first reported by a Go-Air Flight leading to closure of runway. These chain of incidents and wastage of precious ATC, Airport and Aircraft operational time points to lack of training given to the connected employees in ATC, airport and airline operators, paucity of bird-trackig and bird control equipment as well as indispensability of airport safety audits at least once in two years. Do you agree with my view

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