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I wish to introduce myself as India's leading BASH Management Expert with an experience of over 36 years in Bird Strike Research and Practice at over 32 Indian aerodromes (civil and military) since 1980 as well as a doctorate in Ornithology (Mumbai University, 1992). I am a vulture enthusiast having attended several vulture conferences (1998 in South Africa, 1999 in France and 2000 March and May in Spain) on sponsored invitations. I plan to conduct a BASHM Training Workshop in Bangalore In December 2016. Prospective trainees and manufacturers / vendors of bird detection & bird control devices & systems desirous of participating in this event may send me their email address and Mobile Phone Number so that I can advice the Organizing Committee to send our brochure and invitation. Hope to have a productive rendezvous of consumers and providers during the workshop to equip trainees & airport operators with the right knowledge, expertise & equipment for BASHM and enhancing aviation safety.

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