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About Me
I am a student at College of Engineering, Guindy CEG, under Anna University in Chennai. I have completed my first year of college education, specializing in Computer Science. Having just finished first year in college, my knowledge is limited to the basics of C and C, learnt from 3 years of schooling and a year of college. Also, I possess no prior work experience, as expected for a first year student. I eagerly look forward to learning more languages in the coming semesters. I am fluent in English and have confidence in my communication skills. Having analyzed my interests, I aspire to specialize in data/network security, or game/app development. But given my limited knowledge, these aims might change as I learn more in Computer Science. As far as hobbies go, I39m an avid reader of fiction novels and follow the latest developments in the Gadgets and Gizmos area. I also have a lot of interest in computers and programming in general. I also quiz, and have developed an interest in robotics. I first heard about Youth4work during my college39s tech fest. They were internship partners for a particular event called quotChaos Theoryquot. I went through the website, and was excited by the opportunities it offered for internships and projects.

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