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1. What do you hope to get out of this position?
- With an experience of over 5 years and touched various fields in the workplace. I would like to place my skills at the fullest to enhance my personality and also engage in a better knowledge exchange with a to and fro network. I know am looking for a position where is can exercise my skills. Another thing that’s important to me is I would be presenting my findings directly with the clients that would be really refreshing! I’m always very motivated by being able to see the impact of my work on other people.

2. When are you available to join?
A month of notice period to be served in my current company.

3. What makes you a good fit for the role?
- Great Question! I’ll work best to keep the external and internal public with mutuality and work with dedication to the goals of the organization and the stakeholders. The skills that has been defined in the job opening has a new challenge set to fill my brains and I’m all set to accept the new phase of boosting my profile. I will surpass in all possible challenge that come my way in the job. I am a dedicated learner and open to new ideas which gives me the self-reliance to be best fit for current profile opening (Community Manager).

4. Why are you looking for a change?
-Honest Answer-Looking for a new stage in life where I can see every day as challenge and a better designation to hold behind my name and define my knowledge/skills and qualities for betterment of self and share them to the fellow society. ‘‘Try to flow like a river and not get stagnated like a pond’’-

5. Have you been promoted previously in any of your previous organizations? Please provide details.
- None

6. Is this role similar or different to your current/previous roles. Explain in 1-2 sentences?
- The role is not similar to the job I am currently working at, but do have experience for the same in companies previous to the current one.

7. Please elaborate on any significant achievements in your current/ previous roles. Explain in 1 - 2 sentences.
- Engaged with customer experience and problem quires
- Involved in on-boarding multiple tasks to simply the SOP
- organizing and taking up calls/video conferences with stakeholders
- allocating work to fellow associates
- Process improvement projects
SVO-Streamline Vendor Onboarding-engaging and getting in new vendors (Clients) to the business.
- was the POC for varied tasks and received R&R (reward and recognition) for the same.

8. What is your most recent CTC and what is your expectation, keep in mind we are a startup!
- My current CTC is 2.75 lakhs per annum expectation – 5 Lkhs and above.

9. Please summarize your tech skills (social media, website management, WordPress themes, MS office etc.)
- I would rate myself 9/10 in tech skills.

10. What are your preferred locations?
- A definite Yes to Goa and I am ready to relocate.

11. Languages spoken?
- English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi.

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