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SEO Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, HTML
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2 years of Experience in SEO, Social Media Marketing, SEM and Digital Marketing.
Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certificate Holder.
Experience in working with CMS (WordPress, Magento) and HTML websites.
Proven skills in On-page & Off-page Optimization.
Experience on Link Building, Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis.
Ability to analyze, show the competitive keyword ranking on Major search engine Google, Bing & Yahoo.
Hands on experience on SEO tools: Google Analytics Tool, Google Webmaster Tool.
Experience in Google Adwords and Facebook Ads Creation and Manging ads
Experience in Creating Xml and Html Sitemaps.
Experience in Google+ Business Page, Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Linkedin Business Page Creation.
Meta Tags Optimization.
Setup Google Tag Manager (GTM) in all of our clients website to add or update website tags easily without bugging the IT folks.
Use Google Analytics tool to set up goals and asses the performance of all the campaigns.
Build, optimize, and scale effective Digital marketing campaigns to drive user acquisition across major online advertising platforms like Google, Facebook
Detailed knowledge of technical SEO(Page Cache, Minification Of CSS & JS, Combine images using CSS sprites, Serve scaled images, gzip compression, Defer parsing of JavaScript, redirect strategies)

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