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Isaac Newton Biography
Isaac Newton Full Biography

Sir Isaac Newton

When we start reading science in childhood, the first name of the scientist who is named is - Newton. Although many people are born in the world, but some people are always in such a way that their names are always written in the golden letters. As long as there is science on this earth, the name of "Sir Isaac Newton" will continue to be named. I want to be like him forever, I have a desire to become a scientist like Newton. Not only me, there will be more people like me who want to be like them. Let's try to know something about Newton's head today-

Our science is the basis of where it starts, "Sir Isaac Newton" and is the source of inspiration for all of us. Newton was born on December 25, 1642, on Christmas Day in Woolsthorpe, Lancashire (England). His father died just 3 months before his birth. In childhood, they had to face a lot of trouble because of their father's head. When he was 3 years old, his mother again got married again, for his upbringing, he left her to her grandmother and went to live with her new husband. Newton did not look good to his stepfather. When Newton was small, he could not speak properly for a long time.

When he was 17 years old, he entered the King's School, Grantham to read them. But their mind was not there in studies, because mathematics was not taught there. Newton's mind seemed to be very much in mathematics since the beginning. He was attracted to celestial bodies and planets since his childhood, and he was surprised to see the sun's rays.

Newton was fired from school in October 1659. Here, his mother's second husband was also dead. For this reason the mother asked them to handle the farming. But Newton's mind did not seem to cultivate agriculture. Henry Stokes, who was the Principal of The King's School, asked Newton's mother to allow Newton to return to school again, so that he could continue his studies. This time Newton did not get depressed and soon he became a top school student.

In June 1661, at the behest of one of his uncles, he joined Trinity College, Cambridge. Where he used to work as an employee in the Wizards to fill his education fees and eat food. In 1664, a scholarship was organized by the college, with the help of which Newton could now study M. A. At that time the science was not much ahead, in those days books were taught about the principles of Aristotle, Galileo (who had made binoculars) etc. Staying here, Newton read the famous "Kepler Rules".

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