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Jumbojobs is an online recruitment solution for different business with cost – effective and practical solution to all their recruitment needs.

Jumbojobs.com is well designed, architected recruitment platform for small size company requirements to a large size.

The best thing of Jumbojobs is its dash board features. It suits for all kind of business with any locations. And it already started it’s branding impression in the market. Jumbojobs.com has launched in Jan-2016 and already posted tremendous growth with thousands of job seeker profile registrations and 50+ employer registrations.

Job alert mechanism,

Job seeker will receive an email linking to the job posting. This means that a job seeker can quickly apply directly to the employer for their new job postings and stay on top of applying for latest job postings.
By creating job alerts from the job seeker admin panel job seekers will be notified when new jobs meeting the job seeker criteria are posted on the website.

Whether you're actively seeking a new job or just curious to discover what's out there, our Job Alerts will keep you updated with the latest openings that pique your interest.

It’s (FEES) fast, effective, simple and easy. Any user with minimal knowledge can handle this application easy and effective.

This fits well with employers' desire to hire fast and reduce uncertainty caused by long waiting periods of job seeker
Jumbojobs.com a fast growing job portal, Jumbojobs offers an extensive branding for recruiters across all industry sectors.

Jumbojobs offers an extensive branding for recruiters across all industry sectors. our seamless integration of deep industry and functional expertise make change happen

With the fastest growing independent applicant database
Jumbojobs is an innovative platform to matchup every jobseeker to a perfect job, Experience team and the cutting edge technology provides strong results in the business.

Find the Best Jobs Quicker and Faster on Jumbojobs.com, Start your job search with Jumbo jobs, Register and Get Hired, Apply for Top Companies across in India. Post your Resume Now!

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