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Title: Barclays.net
Roll: Software Tester
? Understanding the Requirements with help of Sprint Planning Meeting.
? Involved in identifying and writing the Test Cases.
? Testing the functionality as per testing standard.
? Helping the developer team by reproducing the complicated bug.
? Regressing the bugs and retesting the builds until the status of the bug is close
? Done Compatibility Testing
? Responsible for Reviewing and Execution of Test Cases

Proposed solution for Barclays Contingency Payment Access is to design a separate portal having look and feel as much as like Barclays.net. Clients who want to use Barclay’s contingency channel will have to register in this portal. It will be possible for one Client to have multiple Users and Bank Accounts registered with this system and will be able to create three different types of payments i.e. Single Day Domestic Payment (CHAPS), SEPA Credit Transfers and Barclays International Payments (SWIFT).
Once a payment request is created / authorized, AP-CPA will create a MT101 file with it and will transmit it to Barclays through AP-SWIFT Payment Channel. While creating such MT files, both sender and receiver of these files will be Barclays and for that reason, Barclays will take one Contingency BIC and provide to us.
On the other hand, Barclays may also register multiple users from their end (Barclays Admins) who will be able to log in to this system for various administrative tasks like accepting Client’s registration requests, activating / deactivating Clients etc. They will also be authorized to see all the activities of their Clients from the system itself.
For Bank-grade security, AP-CPA will use SWIFT 3SKey Token technology to identify and authorize individual users of system. For this, Barclays will provide separate 3SKey Token to all of the users of all their Clients. They will register these tokens against individual users and while logging in, system will detect the details of Token and map with correct user and Client. The same security measures will be taken for Barclay’s Admins also.

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