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yTests in Youth4work
Hello everyone!

i am srivignesh, Here I am not going to write anything about the yTests of Youth4work,like how to perform the test or how to prepare for it.

What I am going to discuss about is how Useful and helpful the yTests are and how to benefit it.
I am an engineering student, as you all know there is a heavy competition to get a job in engineering field. To get a job Academic scores are important but, marks without Skills are like “Throne without a king” .
Okay, so what is skill? Skill is a measurement that shows your ability level or expert level in doing something. Everyone in the world naturally or influenced by environment will have some skills in them. Skill is not a thing that can be acquired or bought , skill is a thing that only have to be developed. How much you have developed your skills is how much chances you having to get a job. So, to get a job you have to develop your level of your skills.
How to develop your skills? To develop your skill you have to evaluate yourself constantly or periodically for your skill level. To develop your skills you have to keep practicing and keep evaluating yourself.
yTests, is helping you in that case. yTests evaluate you in your skill field by testing you with 10 objective questions per test. By , attending the tests you are reminding your skills and becoming expert over it. The ranking and score level on your desired skill is the key point and also a motivator for yourself to know about your expertise level and how much effort you have to make to be expert in your skill.

So, keep practicing and attend the yTests frequently to develpe your skills. Get motivated from failures ,and by that motivation practice yourself hard, and by that achieve success ,and by that success value and respect the failure.

Thank you.
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