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1.ow to create a partition
2. How to allocate total partition size of a hardisk,by using fdisk and mkfs.
a. Add two Hard Disks of /dev/sdb,/dev/sdc by shutting Down your Systems
b.After adding hardisk type lsblk command to check your hard disk information.
c.then type fdisk /dev/sdb to do partition in /dev/sdb
d.then enter n (for new partition)
e.enter p (for primary partition)
f.enter 1 if your partition is ist one otherwise enter 2 or 3 if another partition
g.enter two times to allocate totally hardisk size into the partition otherwise enter first time and second time enter the size you required for the partition
h.just tyoe p after creating partition for checking the status
i.and enter w for save the changes
j.after creating partition you have to inform the kernal that your partititon is added please add in mbr.
k.then format it with mkfs.ext4 /devsdb1
l.them mount the partition
m.then add in fstab to make permanent mount point

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