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Aurite.... I have been dealing with a bad relationship nowadays..its just not me, who is facing a bad relationship but few of my guy friends.. and when they tell their story... to my surprise all women behave same So...thinking about our clicked to my mind...let me write something about her...about us...Women The aim of this post is to bring together a quite confusing subject of female psychology.... Female psychology is an amazing subject that is truly underrated...Does it ever feel like no matter what you say to a woman, you just cant say the right thing lol.. it happens with me ahem I mean I behave this way Do you ever have problems understanding what women are saying to you I am sure that most of the guys around always wished they had a guide to understand women. It would have made their life SOOOOO... much simpler. I know women behave silly...cause they are this way...but not dumb Because if theres one thing thats guaranteed, theres never a dull moment in a conversation with a woman. But if guys dont know how to handle yourself, it can also be a real challenge, and thats what kills the fun for most guys. I keep on watching/receiving number of mails, videos making useless..stupid efforts to summarize women behavior, but that isnt a WOMEN... recently I came across this funny interpretations of what women are saying, and then what she really means.... FINE This is the word women use to end an argument when they feel they are right and you need to shut up. Never use fine to describe how a woman looks. This will cause you to have one of those arguments. FIVE MINUTES This is half an hour. It is equivalent to the five minutes that your football game is going to last before you pay attention to her again, so its usually an even trade. NOTHING This means something and you should be on your toes. Nothing is usually used to describe the feeling a woman has of wanting to turn you inside out, upside down, and backwards. Nothing usually signifies an argument that will last Five Minutes and will end with the word Fine. GO AHEAD With Raised Eyebrows This is a dare. One that will result in a woman getting upset over Nothing and will end with the word Fine. GO AHEAD Normal Eyebrows This means I give up or do what you want because I dont care. You will get a Raised Eyebrow Go Ahead in just a few minutes, followed by Nothing and Fine, and she will talk to you in about Five Minutes when she cools off.... P Now thats a humorous take on how women can say one thing and mean something completely different. Well, when youre just meeting a woman for the first time, or in the early stages, youll probably encounter a whole different set of challenges. When a women says I want a sensitive guy... she really means I want a guy who can be sensitive to MY feelings... She does not want a guy who is sensitive in the way of breaking down in tears on a regular basis, or always Sharing his feelings and heart ... but duh most of you there dont understand this.. and blame us... While writing about this article I came across this one click here... and yeah I believe its kind of true... leaving few things behind which doesnt makes sense at all.. like when she asks do you love me... she wanna hear yes you do... and this is forever... or how much do you love me she wanna know what she means to you..she wanna hear she is your world......say it Most of the men have beliefs that women have the Hots for them, they are irresistible to women, but the truth that lies is women like men, have differing tastes they, contrary to popular belief, dont chase after anything in pants, they may like your smile, your eyes or even you but they dont run after SEX.... The plain belief of guys -a girl has looked at em and have fallen into the trap, she wants me...or she actually happens to say hello,guys think that she wants to jump into bed with us....bullshit The truth is that the woman glanced back at you thinking to herself why is that moron staring at me.....If she does approach you and says hello, it usually means that she might be interested in you but would like to get to know a little bit more about you....duh Men often get the wrong idea of what a girl wants because of the way that she dresses, because A woman is allowed to dress any way she pleases, if she is wearing a skin tight top with a plunging neckline and a short skirt with stockings and high-heeled shoes, It is her choice, it is not an open invitation for a night and to jump on her bones in bed Women go on a date to get to know you better, they want to learn more about you and find out what makes you tick, they want to find out if there could be a future with you. The real truth about women is that they are human beings just like you men are, they love, they hate, they laugh, they cry, they talk, they listen they have feelings, women are not toys or play things to be used and abused, they are our equal in every way, what you as males fail to do is respect women for who they are not what they look like and the most important thing that you men need to get through your heads is that when a woman says no she means NO. With what I have known about a women...being me and my fellow mates.. When a women shares, she is sharing... JUST LISTEN Dont interrupt...when we cry...pamper us...DONT ARGUE with us... Men are visually stimulated. Women are too, they are just deeper and can sense sincerity, strength, honesty, and charm better than guys can. Women know exactly what they want. Its imprinted in them at a very young age based on perceptions and feelings they had and felt toward certain individuals who were in their life. You might confuse a women, but when she demands her prince.. its like Resources - Money. Intelligence. Education. Can you provide and take care of her and the family. Status - She wants to know people respect you. Physical Strength - She wants to feel protected. You dont gotta be a body builder, but enough to protect her in your arms. Emotionally Caring - She wants to know you care about people and can listen to problems especially hers... Women are instinctual by nature. They have to be. If they werent how else would they know what the baby wants Their sole evolutionary purpose on this earth is to procreate. Now dont get me wrong, women bring much more to the table, but we cannot deny what Mother Nature intended. I get irritated when guys say they cant understand women. They want to, they just keep trying to explain everything...instead of understanding.. Women are enough logical and sensible... and I am sure God must be women... because she creates leaving behind all the humor about women A women is complicated yet so simple.. she just need to be understood... handled with care like we say fragile... she is mature yet so kid... a kid at heart...but again... We Look For Someone That Understands Us Completely

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