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I am not a scientist or a person related to technology, maybe the examples or statement that I quote here could be completely irrelevant. But then I am a thinker, I am a writer, I think all the time , the only time when I am not thinking is When I am sleeping maybe I do , but in my dreams , Anyway the point is There are approx thousand of thoughts that comes to my mind and I think of and I have the ability to even write an article in my mind, the only part which lacks is When I have to pen it down, Maybe by the time I pick up a pen, either I have lost the track or have lost the interest, and then I just regret. It was just a random thought - Maybe there should be device which could stimulate thoughts into words. If as a normal individual I was to explain, I would say that is not possible or I blindly believe technology, In a layman thought, I would say it is possible but practically Is it possible to change thoughts into words Yes, it can be achieved, most of us know that every thought has a different wavelength and emits different signal, so maybe there could be technique evolved which could catch the specific signals and interpret accordingly. But then the human structure is made in such a way, that skull filter most of the signals read it somewhere, so this could be a challenge, because technique would need something really powerful to catch actual wavelength that is behind the skull. I do not know how powerful the technology would be, because the signals emission via brain is strongest and it would need really minute particles to catch and identify the signals. And then it would require another transmitter which could transmit the decoded signals to another platform where it is in a readable form, obviously the device would need to be installed really close to brain inside the skull, because detection of these signals outside the skull is almost impossible, thus we would need a party which could transfer the decoded signals to a readable form, where it is not only present to read but to edit, and this is possible on a computer. So it would require brain-to-computer transfer. Here we would need three technologies - A device which could detect specific brain signals. - Once the signals been detected, a channel to transfer signals to a decoder. - A decoder to interpret the actual meaning of the signals. This is just a random thought, I do not know how viable is it ... Being a non science background, I do not know the know how of the science. But then if we achieve this technology, it would not only be helpful for people like me, also for the people who can not express themselves in words but gestures

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