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Personality, Self -concept and lifestyle
Personality Personality is the combination of a persons , thoughts , emotions, intentions and behaviours that a person consistently exhibits. Personality combines psychological makeup and environmental forces.The underlying disposition of a person , especially the dominant characteristics. Changes in the personality of a person Various things influence whether or not a persons personality changes.Time is one of the factors , personality traits change as a persons age increases but the changes dont stop at a particular age. Life transitionsbiological,social can be the reasons for the change in personality as well. Whether or not these transitions were the cause for the change or the reason could depend on if they were expected or unforseen. Self-concept Self-concept or self perception is how people perceive themselves.Self-concept comprises of attitudes,perceptions , beliefs and self evaluations. Self concept may change , even if gradually. People define their identity through self-concept , in turn providing consistent and coherent behavior. Self concept is a combination of ideal self-imagehow a person likes to be perceived and real self-image how a person actually perceives himself/herself. Usually a person tries to raise his/her real self-image towards their ideal self-image. Human behavior depends on self -concept. The products a person buys, the stores he/she talk about, the credit cards the person carries, supports his/her self image. Self-image maintainence and residual self-image When a person is in a position of evaluating others , self image maintenance processes can lead to a increasingly negative evaluation depending on the evaluator .It means stereotyping and prejudice might be the way some individuals maintain their self-image. Residual self -image This concept talks about a scenario where individuals think of themselves as projecting a certain physical appearance or a certain position of social entitlement or a lack of it. A persons residual self-image is a mental projection of his/her digital self. Lifestyle Lifestyle or style of life is a way of seeking to fulfill particular goals that individuals set in their lives, using their own patterns of beliefs , cognitive styles, and behaviors as a way of expressing their style of living/lifestyle,often a lifestyle is a means to overcome a feeling of inferiority. Four areas of lifestyle The self concept - a persons conviction about who he/she is The self ideal - a persons conviction about who he/she should be The Weltbild or picture of the world - a persons conviction about what the world demands of him/her The ethical convictions - The personal right-wrong code Self -image congruency and incongruency People rely on self-image about social status and place in the world for decision making . the self-image must be maintained in order to be dynamically congruent with the changing world, and with any changes in social status of the individual. Normal development should include development of a strong self-image congruent with reality, or the it would lead to a constant background identity crisis . A crisis of self-image congruency due to a major change in social environment is a major episode affecting the individual at a deep level. Such a crisis must be resolved. Individual mental health is determined by self-image congruency, and that intensity and duration of self-image incongruency , intensity of the identity crisis ,is a major risk factor as well.

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