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Cell Phone Oriented Robotic Vehicle “Connecting people with gadgets-The functionality in physical absence.”

We all are almost using mobile phones which are basically used to communicate with humans but here we are using it to interact with a robot. Here we have designed a robot in such a way that it will be able to sense the SMS- Short Messaging Service sent from any mobile and act accordingly. The robot must be designed such that it can be administered wirelessly by any Android device via SMS. The GSM module present in the robot should be able to attain the commands from the Android device and process them appropriately in order to operate the robot by varying the speed and direction of the motors.

The project mainly cites that even through a cell phone we can operate any machine by only giving SMS. The appearance and capabilities of the robot vary vastly. The robot shares the feature of mechanical and movable structure under some form of controls. The robot has mainly 3 phases
• Perception- involves receiving of commands from cell phone.
• Processing-done by microcontroller
• Action-Task is done by motors i.e. movement.

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