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Employers zone for employers in Youth4work
Youth4work is a job search website helpful for many job seekers. The website is also helpful for the employers looking for the talent. This website has an Employer section which is helpful for the Employers to find the talent. The employer section has three features. They are Ranked Talent, Post Jobs and services section. First function is Ranked Talent where the employers can search the candidates by talent and location. The employers can shortlist the candidates by the marks obtained in online test. This process helps the employers to reduce their time in recruitment process. The candidates will be short listed and called for the interview directly for the next round of interview. This tool helps the employer to find different talent at one place. They can recruit the candidates as per the qualification and requirement. Youth4work has helped many employers to find the talent through this tool. The next section is Post Jobs . The employers can post the jobs for free here. The employer should fill the form present in the section. The parts to be filled are Job Title, Job snapshot, Description of the job, Job location, Job type, qualification and salary details. After completing this you have to submit the forum. The job will be posted in our website. The candidates will go through the job and reply with the profile. The employerrsquos can shortlist the candidates by viewing the profile of the candidates. Then there is a service section which is mainly developed for the employers. The service has two parts. They are Premium Services and Free Services. The employers can choose from these two services to recruit the talent. Premium service is a paid service where the resumes are sent directly to the employerrsquos mailbox. In this service the employers will receive the candidates resume as per the requirement directly to the email. The second part is free service. In this section the employer manually searches the candidates by viewing the profile of the candidates. To conclude, the employer zone in Youth4work website is useful for the employers to find their talent by searching and posting the job by registering with the site.

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