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Individual Zone for the Students and Job Seekers is a website to help the youths search their colleges, jobs and projects online. The website also helps the employer39s to find the skilled employees. The first step is to register with The website has two zones, they are job youth39s zone and employer39s zone. The good product I like is the youth39s zone. This zone is divided into 4 sections. They are Jobs, Projects, Colleges and Employer39s section. The first section is jobs section. In this section you can search the jobs by City/State, by popularity and by talent/course. We have many clients from private and government sector. This helps our youths to find jobs both in private and government job. The second is the Projects section. In this section you can find projects post by our clients. You can work on this project at your home. You can earn some money in this section. Earn money by working on the projects posted by companies. The next section is the college section. This is the important section for the youth39s. You can search the universities and colleges of India. Youth39s can search for good colleges and universities of India through this section. This helps the youth39s to build their carrier by joining in good colleges and universities. You also can find the news and events of the college and university. The last section is the Employer39s section. This section is helpful for the job seeker39s. In this section the youth39s can follow, communicate and get hired by the company. The job seekers need to follow the company with the good profile, then you have chance of communicating with the company if they shortlist you. Then finally you can be hired by the company. To conclude, I request the youth39s of our country to register with the website and make their dream come true by getting good colleges and then with best jobs. This website also gives you a chance to earn money by showing interest in the project.

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