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Finding Talent - How 'talent boards' at youth4work are revolutionizing recruitment process for job seekers and employers both
Youth4work is a website developed for both job seekers and employer39s. You have a section called ldquoRanked Talentrdquo in the website. In this section you have to build you profile step by step. Professional profile will be created. Then you have to give online test and then get highlighted with the companies registered with us. Some of the tests conducted are Core java, English Language, C and many more. There are around 5087 talent board present in this section. This board helps the job seekers to prove themselves in the subject and also know their level of understanding in the subject. If you do well in this online test you will be highlighted and you have more chance of getting shortlisted. This also helps the employer to find an employee for their company by viewing their score39s in the test and shortlist them for the next round of interview39s. This will reduce the job of the recruitment team by directly short listing the candidates for the second round of interview39s. The process of recruitment will be more quick and easy. The website acts as a consultant between the employer and the candidate in the interview process. The process of giving the test is easy. The first step is register with the Then create a professional profile. After creating a profile visit the 39 Ranked Talent 39 section. Select a course and then click on 39 Give yTest39 button. You will have around 10 questions. The questions will have multiple choice answers. The marks will be displayed after the test. This test will show you were you are standing in a particular subject. Many of the talented youth39s have passed the test and also have got jobs through our website. So, to conclude, the 39talent board39 at are helping both the employer and the job seekers in the recruitment process.

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