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MBA Life at KSOM : A Delightful Journey
I opted MBA as a career for seeking a job with an organization, where I will be able to enhance and utilize my management and research skills, to not only allow me to grow personally and professionally, but to firmly contribute towards the achievement of the mission and values of organization. I am an optimistic, an effective communicator, a good contributor, a team player and I have good communication skills. My USP is my leading ability. My field of study in MBA are Finance Marketing. I am good with numbers, at strategy formation and in customer service. I chose to study finance as I held a commerce background and to have an in-depth knowledge and domain for joining a leading finance organization in future. The 2 years of my MBA have certainly provided and equipped me with the required insight, knowledge and expertise for joining the corporate world. Life at KSOM has been an exciting and pleasant journey. I have developed effective managerial and leadership skills by exhibiting various roles of a good team player, communicator, facilitator throughout my journey. To be honest, MBA was not a career option I wanted to opt for and was like an unsolved puzzle for me initially. However, when I started discovering what MBA is all about, I started enjoying it slowly. An MBA student has to manage many tasks at one time like we have to manage our studies here, along with presentations, college fests, campus preparations and many more. Today, I feel confident for getting into a good job and enter into the corporate world.

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