Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Communication Skills
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Since my formative years, I have been passionate about writing and although academically I pursued Science, this urge to write found an outlet through various extracurricular activities I have been involved at the university level. It was when I finished my Master’s last year that I realized after lot of deliberation that writing is what I want to actively pursue as that’s where my heart is. I have always had a keen interest in culture, behavior and observing human nature and I have made untutor
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Assistant Editor
Agriculture Today
पार्ट टाईम जनवरी-2012 तक वर्तमान 7 वर्षों 10 महीने
Master of Business Administration
Center for Management StudiesJamia Millia Islamia
2011-2013 स्कोर65%
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Sumbul Khan में प्रतिभाशाली है Communication Skills, English Language Sumbul Bangalore से बाहर है और , MBA-Master of Business Administration वर्ष 2011-2013 से CMS-Center for Management Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia का अध्ययन किया है।