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For the last few days I have been thinking of the importance of the college days in someones career. I have come to a conclusion that the personality of a person is moulded majorly after the school life which is protected. The learning curve is even steeper if the person spends these days outside his or her hometown staying in a hostel. The skills are extremely practical skills which a person learns at a relatively early age. Many people in India prefer to study further before starting to work. However, in my opinion it is the extra curricular work and work done to survive outside home during college days which adds an extra edge to a persons personality. A person learns surviving in harsh conditions and limited resources along with experiencing positive and negative relationships with room mates or flat mates. As an example, there may be times when there is no water or electricity just before a critical examination.It is during such times that a person understands the importance of decision making and survival under pressure. There may be times when there is a disturbance in the city and the persons security is threatened. There are many such small experiences which are responsible for a persons overall development as a human being.

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