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Sumit Kumar bhalotia: professional photography
In this subtle yet powerfully disguised way tourism is promoted. India is a country where you can travel through the year and still itrsquoll be like you have seen just the tip of the ice berg. Therersquos too much to explore thus for a photographer it becomes vital to capture and present the wholeness in a finite frame. This is what inspired photography represents. The art to fathom and then present the versatility of an infinite gaze within a finite dimension. In this country of versatile culture, diverse nature, priceless heritage Capturing experience becomes vital for a photographer. This art of capturing experience via photography is one of the most valued as it presents to the viewer a memory, a moment which cannot be described even in a thousand words. Thus it becomes important for a photographer to capture the finest and subtle details of the view. Sumit Kumar bhalotiarsquos photography presents to us a varied and versatile view towards photography that perpetuates within the viewer an urge of being there to explore.

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