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To make a successful carrier in Finance, Accountancy, Administration & Commercial with hard work & secureness.
Working as a HOD (Finance & Accounts) in the Vikram Tea Processor Pvt. Ltd., from last 6 year, handling morethan 20 people team, Income tax, sales & Service Tax all types of Compliance, Daily MIS, Liasioning with bank & Govt., cost control, Budget & balance sheet.
Along with I am worked with the following company like 1. Tea Manufacturing Company 2. Solvent Plan, 3. Bakery Company, 4. Cots Pin Company, 5. Sano Foods Unit, 5. Securities Company,. 6. Wind Mill Unit., 7. Solar Plant., 8. Software Company., 9. Infrastrure Company., 10. Cermics Manurfacturing Company Manufactured, Fire Brick, MCB, Wythea A powder, Casting Powder, MCB plates, Chabers, Welding Electrodes Manufacturing Company, Electric Wire Manufacturing Wire Like ACSR Conductor, Paper Plant, Pulp Mill for paper,

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